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February 22, 2018- Going above and beyond the call duty is something we all have to do at one time or another.  This recently happened for a few of our staff members, because of them a life was saved.... 

Pelivan Goes Beyond the Call - Saves a Life!

On Thursday Feb. 15th, Jeff Pose, Pryor driver, was scheduled to pick up a rider he takes regularly to Dialysis. The rider never came out so Jeff, after waiting a bit, alerted our Dispatcher and then went on his way to pick up the next rider. Because that passenger is faithful to call in if his plans change our Dispatcher, Shalyn Jay went beyond the call of duty and called Davita, the hospital and his contact number to make sure he was OK. No one had be alerted to a deviation of his schedule. Our Dispatcher then had Jeff go back to see if he could make a connection with our rider. When he couldn't get a response he looked through his window and saw him unresponsive. Jeff immediately call 911. The fire dept. and paramedics showed up shortly and used their tools to get in and rescue our rider.

Today, he is alive because of our caring staff. Thank you Jeff and Shalyn!!



June 27, 2017- Rhonda Fair, Tribal Coordinator with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation took a tour of our facilities and spent some time with us.


May 18, 2017-  Diane Reaser, Maintenance Coordinator for Pelivan Transit, was one of two Millie Griffith award winners at Grand Gateway Economic Development Association's 50th Anniversary Banquet.  The success and growth of Pelivan Transit has been due, in part, to the hard-work and dedication Diane and others  put forth in every aspect of the job.  


Pelivan Transit will be closed Memorial Day, Monday, May 29, 2017.  We will open at our regular service hours on Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Pelivan Transit recently attended the 2017 Employee Extravaganza Mad Hatter Event on April 27, 2017 at The Showplace at Buffalo Run.  Pictured L to R:  Richard Garrett, Alodia Seigrist, Kat Biddle, Daniel Stevens, and Bob Eulitt.  Not pictured:  Kristi Moxley.  


Pictured: David Stephens (left), Stephen F. Lalli (right)

Recently Oklahoma Transit Association (OTA) had their annual OTA annual trek to Washington, D.C.  While there Steve Lalli meet former Pelivan intern David Stephens, who is Senator Lankford staff assistant in D.C.  We are proud of the difference he is making and look forward to what is in store for this young man's future.


February 27, 2017 Pelivan Transit took possession of our 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 4WD 3500HD Bio-fuel Service Truck which was obtained through grant funding from the 5311 (c) Discretionary Grant


Chuculate wins Oklahoma Transit driving award

By: Roger Graham, Media Specialist, CHEROKEE PHOENIX

GROVE, Okla. – In October, Cherokee Nation citizen and Pelivan Transit driver Geremy Chuculate brought home the gold for Pelivan Transit by winning the 2016 State Champion Rookie of the Year in the shuttle bus category at the Oklahoma Transit Driving Champions’ Bus Roadeo in Oklahoma City. 

But that’s not his only asset, said Pelivan Transit dispatcher Suzie Lauderdale. Lauderdale said while Chuculate is one of her newest drivers, he is also one of the most respected by his peers. 

“Geremy is awesome,” Lauderdale said, “and our clients just love him.”

The 42-year-old Chuculate said while the number of passengers may change from day to day, the gratitude he receives from his passengers doesn’t. 

“So on any day during our week, pickups will be anywhere from 45 on a slow day and possibly up to 75 on a busier day,” he said. “I really do enjoy helping Cherokee Nation citizens as well as the Grove public. A lot of people really rely on Pelivan Transit because they’re either injured or don’t have a ride or they don’t have a vehicle, or they’re elderly and they need help getting onto a vehicle. We have the ramps and the lifts to get them on and secure properly, so they really appreciate the rides we give them.”

CN citizen and Pelivan rider Larry Griffith, who is confined to a wheelchair, said he appreciates not only the service Chuculate provides but also that he is “real nice.”

“He comes and picks us up and he’s real friendly. He’s on time and he’s just a really safe driver,” Griffith said. “We really appreciate him.”

Pelivan Transit is owned and operated by Grand Gateway and Northeast Oklahoma Tribal Transit Consortium. For more information on service locations, maps, schedules and rates, go to www.pelivantransit.org or call 1-855-735-4826.



November 15, 2016 Pelivan Transit received our newest fleet member, a 2017 Chevrolet Express Van.  


  May 19, 2016-  Lisa Boren, Pelivan Transit’s Call Center/Data Supervisor received the Grand Gateway Economic Development Association Millie Griffith Award.  Pictured: Edward Crone, Misty Macom-Anderson, Lisa Boren, Roger Boren, and Jordan Boren.


September 29, 2015

Pelivan Transit holds annual Safety Training Event

Big Cabin, Oklahoma –Pelivan Transit, owned and operated by Grand Gateway EDA, held their annual Safety Training Day event for their employees on 9/29/15.  MISSION: POSSIBLE was this year’s theme for an interactive learning experience with fun activities held at various locations throughout the Grand Gateway complex in Big Cabin, Oklahoma.  “The mission of this event was to train and develop the Agent Operatives (employees) with safety and transit knowledge/skills in order to provide safe and reliable rural and tribal transit services to all people in the Pelivan Transit service territory” said Debbie McGlasson, Pelivan Transit Director.  The Pelivan Transit service territory covers a seven county region in northeastern Oklahoma.  The employees traveled from Claremore, Grove, Miami, Owasso, Pryor, and Vinita service hubs to attend this training event.  The employees were divided into six competing teams for the event and attended six training modules throughout the day covering the following safety sensitive topics (45 minute classes):  Awareness & Risks, Employee Ethics, Passenger Sensitivity, Teambuilding, Wheelchair Securement, and Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance.  A Jeopardy Game competition was also held during the lunch period testing the teams’ knowledge in transit safety and trivia.  Shout n Sack catered the outstanding meal which was a hit!

Many transit leaders traveled from across the country to volunteer their time as trainers for the event: CobbsAllen Insurance- Bill Failor, Vice President, Eddie Thomas, Insurance Manager, and Katie Langley, Vice President of Human Resources, SouthWest Transit Association- Kristen Joyner, Executive Director, and Kary Hughes, Administrative Assistant;  RouteMatch Software- Alex Parton, Regional Sales Representative;  National Bus Sales- Chris Cabrera, Parts Manager, Charla Sloan, Director, KiBois Area Transit, Debbie Ruggles, Assistant Director, Tulsa Transit, Tom Duncan, Transit Manager, Oklahoma State University, and Randy Heisler, Operations Manager, Cimarron Transit.  They joined our Pelivan Management Team: Debbie McGlasson, Transit Director, Wes Garber, Route Supervisor, Lisa Boren, Call Center & Data Supervisor, Jonnetta Marquis, Administrative Compliance Officer, Greg Witte, Maintenance Manager, and Diana Reaser, Maintenance Coordinator as Agent Operative Trainers for the successful MISSION: POSSIBLE Pelivan Safety Training Day 2015.  Many Grand Gateway employees working for other programs also volunteered their time for this event.  It was a great team effort! 

We would like to thank the following vendors and businesses as well as the above mentioned trainers for their support of this event through donations, door prizes and time:  Buffalo Run Casino, Wyandotte Casino, Downstream Casino, Bob Hart Chevrolet, Green Country Ford, V &V Drug, Felts Shoes, The Men’s Shop in Claremore, Osborn’s, Carter’s, Braums, Craig General Hospital, Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, and GRDA. 

In Today’s fast-paced society, it is pertinent to be mindful of quality safety training to aid in preventing accidents and to reiterate the guidelines set forth by the transit policies, state and federal laws.  The goal of this intensive safety training event was to build a better safety culture to protect the riders utilizing our transportation services.  Pelivan Transit strives to maintain well trained safety sensitive employees who provide caring customer service to people utilizing rural and tribal transit services in our area communities. 





May 13, 2015


Pelivan Transit holds Grand Opening of new Maintenance Facility



Big Cabin - Grand Gateway and Pelivan Transit will be holding a grand opening for their new Flexible Fuel Vehicle Maintenance Facility.  This new facility will provide maintenance services to nonprofits and local government fleets in addition to the Pelivan Transit fleet. However, Grand Gateway will not be providing maintenance services to the public.

Pelivan Transit has partnered with Eastern Shawnee, Miami, Modoc, Peoria, Ottawa, Quapaw, Seneca-Cayuga, Shawnee, and Wyandotte nations to form the Northeast Oklahoma Tribal Transit Consortium. This Consortium was awarded a discretionary Federal Transit Administration Grant through the 5311 grant program for the tools needed to equip this new facility. Grand Gateway was awarded an FTA State of Good Repair grant to build the new facility.

The public is also invited to the grand opening. Area fleet managers and local mechanics are also encouraged to attend to see and learn about Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) technology. There will be vendors showcasing their tools and equipment at this event.

The new facility is a 70 X 100’ building. The building consists of eight bays, and has proper ventilation for CNG vehicles to be worked on. There are three lifts and various machines that will be showcased by vendors.

Pelivan Transit offers transportation for rural and tribal transit that serves seven counties in northeastern Oklahoma. Their fleet consists of 67 ADA equipped vehicles, which 10 of the vehicles are powered by CNG. It is the goal of Pelivan Transit to have their entire fleet to be converted to CNG as they are replaced. This will utilize an Oklahoma natural resource and comply with Governor Mary Fallin’s First Energy Plan.

The grand opening will be held from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Thursday, May 21 at the Flexible Fuel Maintenance Facility at 333 South Oak Street in Big Cabin, Oklahoma.



January 10, 2013

Pelivan Transit and Oklahoma Veterans Access Transit Project Receive National Honor

The Federal Transit Administration presented the “Outstanding Public Service Award” for the Oklahoma Veterans Access Transit Project during the 20th National Conference on Rural Public and Intercity Bus Transportation. The award was presented to Pelivan Transit Director Debbie McGlasson who spearheaded the project along with Jessica Brent, Mobility Coordinator for the Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG). The project was a collaborative effort involving several rural public transits, tribal transits, and Councils of Government working with the Veterans Administration through the Jack C. Montgomery Veteran’s Hospital in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

The Veterans Access Transit Project is a coordinated effort to establish a network of transportation providers in the northeastern and eastern regions of Oklahoma to utilize a One Click/One Call Center through Veterans Transportation Services (VTS) in Muskogee. Through the collaboration, veterans in need of transportation to area veterans’ hospitals and medical clinics will be able to access the medic al care they need.

Several grants have been awarded to the providers in this collaborative project to provide the technology and equipment necessary to link the transportation providers with each other and with the VTS Call Center and coordinate daily rides for veterans to medical appointments. The FTA awarded funds through the Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative Grant programs. These funds have enabled Pelivan Transit to purchase mobile data devises (10” Galaxy Tablets) for Pelivan vehicles, as well as software and data interchange programming to allow communication back and forth with the Call Centers at the VA Hospital in Muskogee and INCOG in Tulsa. Pelivan Transit is owned and operated by Grand Gateway EDA and the Northeast Oklahoma Tribal Transit Consortium.

“This collaborative effort has infused some much needed funding into our region to address the technology needs with the area transits, as well as equipping us with software upgrades for electronic communications between the Call Centers and the transit providers,” said McGlasson. In 2013, area transit providers will be promoting the transportation services available to veterans. “Veterans in the region of northeast Oklahoma who need transportation to any of the VA medical clinics in the region should call the VTS toll-free number at 877-905-4538 or call Pelivan Transit at 800-282-2014 for more information.

Pelivan Transit Extends Hours of Service in Claremore

August 15, 2012
Pelivan Transit to Extend Hours of Service In Claremore
The City of Claremore will soon see a Pelivan Transit vehicle traveling the streets a little later than usual on weekend evenings. Beginning August 31, 2012, Pelivan Transit will offer extended hours of service for residents in the City of Claremore on Friday and Saturday nights. Pelivan’s normal hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. On Friday of Labor Day Weekend, the hours on Friday and Saturday will be extended to 8:30 p.m.
Pelivan has operated in the City of Claremore since October 1998. According to Sharon McDonald, Director of the Claremore Senior Citizen’s Center, “The service started out with a nine-month trial period, and it has just grown from there.”
Residents of Claremore have expressed a desire for Pelivan to extend their hours of operations for quite some time. “The citizens of Claremore rallied together and went to the city council to petition for extended hours,” said McDonald. “With today’s split shifts that so many people work, the extended hours will afford the opportunity for some people to obtain rides later on those days and get to work closer to the start of their shift instead of arriving an hour or two early,” said McDonald.
McDonald is confident that Pelivan’s extended hours will allow a lot of people to enhance their options for activities on weekends. The evening hours of service will give people who rely on public transportation to opportunity to dine out at local restaurants, stay out a little later when shopping and enjoying some of Claremore’s attractions, or extend their time visiting family and friends.
“The Claremore City Council should be commended for listening to the residents of their city,” said McDonald. When the residents approached the Council about the need for additional public transportation services, the council took the necessary measures to allocate funds to assist Pelivan in extending their hours. “It is a win-win situation,” McDonald said.
During the initial start-up of extended hours, one dispatcher and one bus driver and vehicle will be on duty for the additional hours of service. “We know that Claremore residents have needed Pelivan to extend service, and we appreciate the City of Claremore and the grant opportunities that fund Pelivan to enable us to stretch the budget and make the necessary changes to expand our service,” said Debbie McGlasson, Pelivan Transit Director. “Pelivan has a strong relationship with the City of Claremore, and the residents will benefit from our ability to work together to grow this service.”
Individuals needing transportation on Pelivan Transit are encouraged to make reservations at least 24 hours in advance (same-day rides are based on availability). Due to Pelivan’s growth, in April 2012, it became necessary to request riders to make advance reservations. “Through use of a new scheduling software, we are able to preschedule and group rides together for a greater efficiency in Pelivan’s operations,” said McGlasson.
Pelivan Hours of Operations beginning August 31, 2012:
Monday through Thursday – 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Friday and Saturday – 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

To schedule a ride, call: 918-341-7300


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January 23, 2012
Federal Transit Administration awards Pelivan Transit a VA Livability Grant
The Federal Transit Administration has awarded Grand Gateway a grant in collaboration with the Veterans Affairs, Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG) and various other transportation providers to help meet the transporation needs of veterans in the Pelivan Transit service territory. On Wednesday, February 1, 2012, veterans will be able to ride Pelivan Transit with a $0.50 discount off the current published fares. Veterans will also be eligible for medical transportation to the Jack C. Mongtomery VA Medical Center in Muskogee, outpatient medical clinic in Vinita, and various other VA medical clinics in Tulsa.  
A discounted rate of $1.00/mile for veterans is now available from any pick-up point within the Pelivan Transit service territory to any destination within a 100-mile radius. The Veterans Transportation Services (VTS) may cover the fare for medical rides to the Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center in Muskogee or other VA medical clinics in Vinita and Tulsa. Veterans should call 877/905-4538 to schedule their VA ride. VTS will make the arrangements with Pelivan to provide transportation services for the qualifying veterans.
Pelivan Transit is also developing several routes per week to the Jack C. Montomery VA Medical Center in Muskoge for veterans within the Pelivan Transit service territory. Transportation arrangements will be made through the Veterans Transportation Services (VTS) at Muskogee.
This VA grant will also provide funding for the purchase of mobile data devices for the Pelivans for Phase 2 of the new Intelligent Transportation Software (ITS) program implementation. We expect this phase to be completed by June 1, 2012. The data interchange communication with VTS in Muskogee and INCOG in Tulsa will also be established for scheduling daily rides for veterans and military family members.
Pelivan Transit is owned and operated by Grand Gateway Economic Development Association and is the contractor for the Northeast Oklahoma Tribal Transit Consortium and Cherokee Nation Tribal Transit. More information can also be obtained at www.pelivantransit.org.   The rural public transportation and tribal transit projects are under the direction of Debbie McGlasson, Pelivan Transit Director and Ed Crone, Executive Director, Grand Gateway EDA.

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