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Two Consortiums - Ten Tribes

Pelivan Transit has developed and formed two consortiums with ten tribes in northeastern Oklahoma.  This integration of a rural public transportation program (Section 5311)  and two tribal transit programs (5311 c) was established with the Cherokee Nation from one grant and two other grants with the Nine Tribes of Northeast Oklahoma Consortium consisting of the Eastern Shawnee, Miami, Modoc, Ottawa, Peoria, Quapaw, Seneca-Cayuga, Shawnee, and Wyandotte tribes of Oklahoma.   This collaboration will provide tribal transit services to seven counties in northeastern Oklahoma.  Tribal Transit services will be provided by Pelivan Transit on behalf of the area tribes.  Shared logos and tribal seals will be displayed on some of the vehicles purchased by the tribes and leased to Pelivan for transportation services.  


Eastern Shawnee

P.O. Box 350
Seneca, MO 64865
Office: 866-674-3786


Miami Tribe

P.O. Box 1326
Miami, OK 74355
Office: 918-542-1445
Fax: 918-542-7260


Modoc Tribe

418 G Southeast
Miami, OK 74354
Office: 918-542-1190
Fax: 918-542-5415


Ottawa Tribe

P.O. Box 110
Miami, OK 74355
Office: 918-540-1536
Fax: 918-542-3214


Peoria Tribe

P.O. Box 1527
Miami, OK 74355
Office: 918-540-2535
Fax: 918-540-2538


Quapaw Tribe

P.O. Box 765
Quapaw, OK 74363
Office: 918-542-1853
Fax: 918-542-4694



P.O. Box 1283
Miami, OK 74355
Office: 918-542-6609
Fax: 918-542-3684



P O Box 189
Miami, OK 74354
Office: 918-542-2441
Fax: 918-542-2922


Wyandotte Nation

P O Box 250
Wyandotte, OK 74370
Fax: 678-2944




Cherokee Nation

P.O. Box 948

Tahlequah, OK 74465

Office: 800-256-0671














  Service Locations

Oklahoma Transit Association in Washington, D.C. 

  News & Events

Pelivan Transit partners with the

Nine Tribes to expand services to

a larger number of clients...



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